If you’re looking for an experienced, family-friendly dentist in the North Dallas area, then look no further than Dr. Peter Hofmann.

Dr. Hofmann is a General Dentist that believes in providing the best care at affordable prices; using the latest cosmetic materials, some of the best labs, effective preventive methods, and modern technology such as  electric hand pieces, Ceramic Restorations, and Digital Radiography (which decreases your x-ray exposure by six fold).  He uses his artistic talents to restore smiles and in designing Cosmetic Crowns, Cosmetic Implant Crowns, Cosmetic fillings, Veneers, Dentures, Night Guards, Snap on Teeth, Partials, and Tooth Whitening.

We offer the following services in the Greater Dallas region:

Professional Opinions At Reasonable Prices

Protecting your natural dentition and preventing disease from weakening your teeth and the supporting bone is our primary focus. Due to the escalation of overpriced dentistry and the tendency for some practices to sell dentistry that is either not necessary or not recommended for a natural dentition, I offer second opinions at a reasonable price.  Since I have 40 years of experience and am an artist – my services are valuable, yet I offer them at a  price that amazes most people.  This is my mission.

Practicing Responsible, Green Dentistry

Dr. Hofmann practices Green Dentistry by not using x-ray chemicals and by submitting all his insurance electronically! He also uses a conservative approach in protecting teeth by using the latest and strongest material: zirconia, a space-age ceramic.

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