Sleep Apnea:

New research shows that many heart attacks are a result of the stress put on the heart by the erratic breathing that occurs during sleep in individuals with obstructive sleep apnea.   Surgery has not helped and often makes the problem worse.  The best solution is a good sleep study and then an appliance that keeps the airway open while the patient sleeps.

Acute “oblique” pain: 

Many patients have come to me in pain that is hard to isolate.  This often happens during times of stress such as the Christmas season when people are chewing harder substances and at a quicker pace.   Teeth can be strained like an ankle can be strained.  Proper relief of stress and sometimes the use of simple medications can reverse the problem.   My focus is  to find the simplest safest solution to the problem.  Often a person ends up having a root canal or extraction done without giving the tooth or teeth a chance.   A night guard or careful tooth reduction can help tremendously.  I make night guards  and occlusal guards that are comfortable to wear at a very reasonable price.


This is a problem of modern “affluenza” where stress and compulsive behavior affects the enamel on teeth.  We have a very effective cosmetic, repair material to cover the often sensitive or scarred surface on the exposed teeth.  By repairing the recession we can enhance your smile tremendously!   We also have 3 different mouth rinses to decrease sensitivity,  protect the surfaces, and control the bacteria.  Note that many people who have this type of erosion are told that they have periodontal disease:  This is NOT TRUE!  You do not need a $1000 series of deep cleaning for this type of bone loss.  I recently saw one of my “old” patients who had used a coupon to go have his teeth checked near his home (he is handicapped and has to use a taxi).  He was told that he had the dreaded “bad periodontal disease” and that it would cost him $1856.00 to repair it without his discount plan- but with his plan it would only cost $836! In Actuality he did not need any of that and only need a regular type of cleaning!!!


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My greatest joy is being creative for the sake of others.  This is what dentistry is: providing a service that helps others – specifically in the area of the mouth (which is one organ used daily and every second of the day to breath, eat, speak, smile, and drink).

We were made in God’s image.  It is our job to pass on Knowledge and Wisdom to the next generation.   We can all learn new techniques and ideas to prevent, preserve, and protect our health and well being.    I seek the counsel of others and through continuing education seek to keep up with the latest techniques and materials.   I have had the fortune of experiencing dentistry on the mission field and seeing God’s hand in resolving many tough challenges.   Recently I was invited to hunt for dinosaurs in Colorado.  I was able to use some of my old discarded dental instruments to dig and clean fossil bones.  In the process we found dinosaur teeth, ribs, vertebrae, long bones, and a skull (which was the first ever found….during the 19 years of digging and guess who found it?).   Come visit the office and see some of these artifacts and some of my art work.

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