02/13/2017  This will be my 4oth year of practice in dentistry.  I continue to enjoy helping people with their teeth and smiles and of course their health.  I do not have any plans to retire and continue to take courses in new techniques and to buy new equipment.  Come visit us and see the dinosaur jaw bone that I found this last Fall in a creek bed near Bonham, Texas.  We have not raised our basic prices in 20 years and we enjoy new members to our family practice!

05/04/2015     Have you heard of digital dementia? It is a diagnosis given to those who have died or have suffered a loss of cognitive abilities due to excess exposure to computer games etc. Digital dementia was coined in South Korea to explain a widespread increase in health issues related to those (especially the young) who spend most of their time on computers or smart phones. Up to 30% of those under 18 are at risk say authorities. This report is from a professional article in this months Texas Dental Journal.

05/04/2015   Have you had an “ultrasonic” cleaning that was uncomfortable or even painful- I have?! Some dentists use a linear vibrating tip that is cheaper and can be attached to a regular dental hand piece air output. The tip moves back and forth and impacts the tooth directly – often straight on – causing discomfort and more trauma to the tooth. The safer, more comfortable, and effective ultrasonic device is a dedicated unit with its own water flow and circular motion “tip”. The circular motion “wipes” the tooth clean of calculus from an acute angle that does not impact the tooth. This is what we use and what we recommend.


Your mouth is under attack by bacteria, acids, and just plain wear. It is important to be informed on how to best protect it and care for it! For instance when you eat in a hurry or away from home, how do you clean your teeth? Do you realize, there is a very simple way to neutralize acids and clean away food and bacteria, that will not cost you anything, nor much time? The glass of water at your table is the answer, just rinse and swallow! Water is better than most mouth rinses! Most mouth rinses are slightly acidic for taste and are full of artificial flavors or alcohol (which dries the mouth- a main cause of disease). Be sure and slosh the water around a little and repeat a couple of times

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