Cosmetic Dentistry:

As an artist and dentist I enjoy improving peoples smiles and lifting  their self confidence.   We have new “space age” materials that offer not only incredible strength but also cosmetic beauty.  These Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate products are available for use on both implants and teeth.   Sculpting teeth with composites is also a means of improving smiles.   Veneers made of composite,  porcelain, or disilicate are also an effective way to radically change ones appearance.  For those without teeth the All on Four is a very effective and permanent way to create a normal cosmetic smile and effective chewing function.  Implants are used to the restore the missing teeth.

Crowns, Bridges, Implants, and Dentures:

I have 37 years of experience in making each of these strength and beauty sensitive procedures.  Quality is important in order to provide not only beauty and strength but also longevity against bacteria, acids, and periodontal disease.  A beautiful strong crown that is not cemented in correctly will fail!   I am a perfectionist when it comes to insuring that a crown is seated properly.  Digital radiography allows me to take a quick x-ray before cementing!  It takes six of the old x-rays to equal the low radiation of one digital x-ray.   I am also committed to offering quality dentistry at a reasonable price.  I believe that prices for crowns are inflated just as the cost for implant restorations are.   Therefore I offer crowns for at least 10% cheaper than the average for North Dallas.  A $900 crown is offered for $810 and so on.

Root Canals, Extractions, and Nightguards:

Teeth often come under trauma from heavy biting, erosive elements such as acids, or accidental impacts.   As an artist I enjoy the tedious sensitive work required in saving a tooth by doing a root canal.   Night guards protect teeth from the wear and tear of grinding and my charge is about 50% less than the average price ($195).  These nightguards are comfortable and strong and people can easily tolerated wearing them during the night (as opposed to the expensive thick ones that are often sold).   Extractions vary in price due to the difficulty in removing certain roots.   I do have a proficient Doctor of Dental Surgery who will remove Wisdom Teeth and other difficult teeth in our office.   As stated earlier our prices are on average 10% lower than other offices.

Preventive Dentistry:

The Most important aspect of Dentistry is Preventive Dentistry.  In essence everything I do to treat a patient is preventive, but there are certain procedures such as a Prophylaxis and a Deep Cleaning that focus on preventing Periodontal disease  (which is the most common disease known to man).   Unlike many dentists I offer deep cleanings on a sliding scale where a simple case is a lot cheaper than a more complex case.   After taking a full set of x-rays we can determine how difficult the procedure will be.   I also enjoy teaching people about dentistry and prevention as you will see on my “Facebook” page entitled “Peter Hofmann DDS”.