In a very real sense this is what I “specialize” in.

The challenges incorporate all the areas that I find rewarding as an artist and engineer of the mouth. Many young dentists do not take into account gender and jaw type when handling these often risky repairs. For instance, a petite woman might not require a pin to strengthen the same type of break that a man’s broken tooth would. As a graduate from the #1 dental school in the country (UTHSCSA was given that status by U.S. News & World Report many years in a row) we were taught the importance of occlusion and affect of biting forces on teeth. The back molar tooth for instance is under over 10,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch. In cases like this a pin or post should be inserted when a cusp is broken off. If a root canal is required (another field in which I enjoy due to its meticulous demands) then a stronger post can be placed.

A broken tooth in the front requires a special kind of care due to the cosmetic demands. Here a gold pin or a fiberglass post works well. Anterior teeth also flex more and therefore require flexible repairs that are both matching in color and in shape. As an artist who has competed in art shows and who has received awards for photographic renditions, I know the importance of not only color but also shade or gray tones. Translucency is another issue that ironically can make a tooth look darker or grayer. I invite you to visit my office for a consult and to see my artwork.