Dr. Hofmann and his staff are committed to making your visit to the dentist a painless and pleasurable experience. Some of the latest high-tech innovations used in our offices include:

    • Digital radiography,  allows Dr. Hofmann to view your x-rays immediately and decreases your x-ray exposure. The digitized x-ray also allows me to show you on a large screen exactly what is going on with your teeth, gums, and bone.  We also will provide you with a free copy to take to a specialist.
    • Laser Dentistry: Gives me more accuracy in surgery and helps me to perform surgical procedures with minimal discomfort and bleeding; along with quick healing.
    • We use both Lidocaine and Septocaine which helps those people who have had trouble numbing.
    • A dental chair, the Back Pleaser, will gently massage your back, neck and head. The massaging vibration also soothes the sound of the drill and its vibrations.  This is available in our 2nd operatory.
    • Laughing gas aids in relaxing you decreasing the stress of going to the dentist.
    • Relaxing music and you can bring your own if you want.
    • Zoom whitening and Instant “before and after” photos are available to show you the cosmetic changes to your appearance. Our take home whitening tray  fits like a silk glove around your teeth and  works very well.
    • Other methods used for relieving anxiety include anesthetic patches, solutions that numb teeth, a hand to hold, teddy bear and a touch of God’s Love.
    • Rescue and restore is an effective emergency repair material, which eliminates the necessity for anesthesia.
    • New electric hand pieces are also  more silent, comfortable, and effective.
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